Top Three Halloween Home Decoration

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Halloween is one exciting holiday of the year for both kiddos and grown-ups. In fact, it stirs excitement in every one as they exert effort to be gory or fun as much as possible. Kiddos don their best costumes while adults put exemplary efforts in adorning their homes with spooky decorations they can think of. If you are in a query for the spooky surprises for the holiday, then check these Halloween home decoration.

Top 3: Hanging Bats and Ghosts

You can foster a feeling of both creepiness and excitement with the embellishment of hanging bats and ghosts. This is one good addition to your Halloween decorations whether indoors or outdoors.

Top 2: Floating Witches’ Hats

If you have a narrow aisle or want to adorn your porch with mesmerizing spookiness, then try out installing witches’ hats. All you need are witch hat, fishing line, and battery powered tea lights or glow sticks.

Top 1: Jack-o’-Lanterns on the Tree

A ghostly vibe is fostered by just setting jack-o’-lanterns on a tree. You can make it more exciting with the additions of bats and ghosts decors.

There are still lot of ideas to decorate your home for the upcoming Halloween. In fact, you can opt for a mummy door or door embellished with fancy decoration. No matter what your decoration is, Halloween should be fun!

4 Tips for Smarter Christmas Light Storage

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Hanging Christmas lights can easily become one of the most dreaded tasks of the entire year — especially when you have to grapple with a disorganized heap of impossibly tangled cords. With a little planning, you can avoid that problem and make decorating fun again. Start by following these four tips for smarter Christmas light storage.

Repurpose Household Objects

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Some lights, such as the rope lights from Christmas Lights Etc, come on a spool that makes storage simple. You can also purchase a reel or power cord holder — or, as a cheaper alternative, repurpose some common household items to do the same job. For instance, wrap the lights around an empty coffee can, a hanger, a Pringles can, or rectangular pieces of heavy cardboard to keep lights tangle-free. Detailed instructions for each can be found online.
Recycle tissue paper or newspaper as padding for lights and other delicate items. Tuck it between layers of strands to keep them from tangling with one another, too. No matter what you wrap your lights around, you may want to use a layer of paper around the outside to keep them contained and to provide extra protection.

Use Zip-top Bags or Zip Ties

Plastic zip-top bags and zip ties are more obvious solutions. Wrap the lights around your arm, from your palm to your elbow and back again, to form a tight circle. Then use three zip ties to keep the loop in place. With no loose ends, it won’t get tangled up. Alternatively, you can store each strand of lights in its own zip-top bag. Just be sure to plug the female end of each strand into the male end to prevent knots.
Sort by Use, Not Type

The most common method of organizing Christmas decorations is to group like items together: ornaments in one box, garlands in another, and so on. However, a more practical method is to sort decorations according to where you use them instead of by type. This will make unpacking and decorating a much less stressful and more streamlined process.

At the very least, try to get all of your favorites or essentials into one “open first” box. After all, there may be years when you lack the time or energy to deck out the entire house, or you may need some decorations sooner than others. Keep the most important things together so you don’t have to pull out every box just to retrieve a few items.

Make Duct Tape Labels

As you take down your Christmas lights, use duct tape to label each strand. Make note of whatever information you think might be useful, such as the length or where you used it. Imagine how much easier it will be to put up the lights next year, when you can check the tags and see where to hang each strand instead of starting from scratch.

While these sorting and storing methods may require a little more time on the front end, it will be time well-spent. Your future self will be thankful when it comes time to unpack the lights for another holiday season.

Interior Design Trends to Look Out for in 2016

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People who are constantly on the lookout for home fashion and interior design want to be the first to know the latest trends for the New Year. For many homeowners, the best way to kick off the New Year is to get a new and exciting look or update their homes completely. So before jumping into any trend, you might want to check out the latest trends for 2016.

A Surge of Colors

One of the trends expected to boom this year is the surge of rich, saturated colors. Expect navy and plum! Many interior designers consider navy to be the newest neutrals that blends well with other styles and hues. Enlist the services of professional painters like Southern Home Services to ensure the paint is applied smoothly and correctly to keep your home looking clean and fresh. If you are hesitant about putting such dark colors on your walls, you can simply follow the trend by adding a sofa in rich plum or nave color. Then accent your room based on this focal furniture piece.


Unique Backsplashes

Bright tiles and painted walls behind your kitchen counters have become too common so for this year, you can expect some unique changes to happen. More designers are choosing metal backsplashes for a unique modern look. Everything from stainless steel or aluminum, glass and stone slabs can be considered for a clean, durable and stylish wall covering around your food preparation areas.

Fiber Wall Decors

Interior designers who religiously follow trends claim that 2016 is a good year to add texture to walls using fiber-art and Macrame wall hangings. Some industry considers these decors to be sculptures for walls, replacing wallpaper or art work pieces that some cannot really afford. Some think of this as a throwback to the 70’s, but designers sees this as fresh and new trend in interior home décor. Other patterns that you can consider for you wall are the Venetian marbled-paper prints which are usually found on the papers of old books. This wonderful pattern lends a distinct vintage feel.

Sheer Windows

People today want brighter and lighter rooms so heavy drapes maybe out of trend for this year. You can expect new designs in sheer window treatment made with linen or wool materials as opposed to the old polyester sheer versions. Sheer wool made with voile material is will look wonderfully divine when paired with those inverted box pleats.

Modern Bathrooms

When it comes to bathroom decors, you can expect two trends to rise in 2016. Many people now prefer larger, curb-less showers for a delightful bathing experience. This year, many will eliminate bath tubs for a wider bathroom space fixed with multi-speed jets and removable handheld showers. For those who want to keep their bathtubs may use the growing popular free standing tubs for they take up less space and gives a nicer look to any bathroom.

These trends are expected to grow really popular throughout the year so anybody considering remodeling and redecorating jobs for their home may check out these options. Keep up with these current trends for you to create that unique modern look in your home interior decorating project.

How to Set the Mood with Right Color Combinations At Home

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Choosing a color scheme for your home can be a feat. Most homes stick with just the basic colors because they aren’t really sure about painting the whole house with either pink or blue. But if you think that your paint is too plain, you can easily add some bright splash of color here and there to uplift your mood. Work with colors that suit you. Orange and yellow will add a warm touch to your kitchen or dining area. Shades of green are usually recommended for bathrooms and bedrooms because it gives off a serene feeling. And of course, pastel colors are great hues for children’s bedroom.

Dressing Up Windows With the Right Curtains

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Curtains are multi-functional items which can use for added privacy, comfort and decorations. Our homes are protected from privy outdoor eyes because we put up curtains on our windows. The glaring light and heat of the sun is also minimized when we use the heavy drape types for our curtains. During winter, dark colored heavy drapes help keep your rooms toasty and comfortably as it block the heat from going out. During warmer months, net curtains designed with colorful blooms easily bring in the spring from outdoors into your rooms. Aside from helping you conserve energy, carefully chosen curtains also add certain aesthetic appeal to any room.

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