Art and Culture in New York

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No matter how many cities around the world a tourist may travel to, there’s really just no place on earth that can compete with New York City, aka Manhattan, or “the Big Apple.” If Disneyland is the “happiest place on earth,” then New York has to be the most exciting place on earth, because this city offers incredible entertainment, art, musical and cultural attractions that are as exciting as any on earth. The great thing is, they’re all located in one amazing city!

For those who love to take in the great cultural scenes offered by major museums, New York is without a doubt the place to go. From the Metropolitan Museum of Art to the Whitney Museum and the Museum of Modern Art, this city offers an absolutely amazing array of choices. The fine art gallery scene here is also huge, with galleries available for viewing art all over the city, from uptown to midtown and all the way downtown to Soho and Tribeca. Opera and other live musical events are also big attractions in New York, and the choices are nonstop.

For live shows, Broadway is obviously a major attraction, with shows running nonstop, offering major productions with big names from Hollywood and the world of theater. It’s smart to take a look at some Broadway play reviews before planning a trip, so that you’ll have a good idea of what is running during your visit, and what the top-rated shows are. From big musicals to important dramas, Broadway offers amazing choices in shows that will entertain, educate and inspire.

The live cabaret scene in New York is also a big attraction, as these shows offer audiences a way to enjoy a show in a more intimate setting, while also enjoying food and drink during the show. These shows always deliver a lot of entertainment for your travel dollar, so be sure to plan on seeing cabaret while in New York, too.

So, next time you want to plan a trip to an exciting location, be sure to check out the reviews and book some tickets to a great Broadway show, while also visiting a few New York museums while you’re there.

Three Things You Might Not Think About When Moving to the Country

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City dwellers often dream about that wonderful home in the country with plenty of fresh air, privacy, and peacefulness. When that dream becomes a reality, there may be a few things that you hadn’t thought of. Country life is much different then living in the suburbs or downtown. This creates some interesting challenges, but if you know to plan for these differences ahead of time, your move you’re your country dream home will be headache free.


Most country homes are too far out from the city limits to have access to the city water system. Many areas have natural well water that is crystal clear without the chemicals found in city water, but there are exceptions. You might find yourself with mineral water that tastes bad, has an odor, or leaves rust stains behind. In these cases you will need a well purification system Barrington IL has to offer from professionals like Chicago Land Water Conditioning.

Television Service

If your new home is too far are out in the country, you may not have very many options when it comes to local channels. Internet access will allow you to take advantage of streaming services like Netflix or Hulu, but most antennas will only pick up signals within so many miles of a major city. A dish or cable TV service may be your best option for a complete line-up of local channels.

Driveway Issues

Everyone loves the long winding driveway that leads back to a country home, but you may want to re-think this option. It doesn’t matter in the warmer southern states, but northern areas like Chicago face some pretty harsh winters. If your drive is long, you will want it paved for easier snow removal. Hiring a professional to plow may also be necessary. It will be easier than tackling it yourself each morning before going to work.

Once you have these items checked off your “to do list” you will be able to truly enjoy the move into your new home without any unexpected hassles. Enjoy the peace and quiet of your new surroundings without wondering if you should drink the water, how you’ll get services like TV, or even where to park.

How to Travel on a Low Budget

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At some point of time, people would want to reward their hard work by travelling to a different places to relax and escape the buzz of the metro. For some, they really are just wander lust. Either you fall in the former or latter category, budget is one big and crucial concern. However, fret not as there are means to save your pockets from a deep hole!

  • Plan ahead. A fulfilling adventure or escape comes with a plan. Determine the date, place you want to visit and the things you want to do.
  • Book ahead. It would be best if you will book your ticket ahead of time or opt for fare promos. Another bonus, book for the off season!
  • Go in group. You can make the adventure more exciting and memorable with your amazing friends. They do not only add color to venture, but will also lessen the financial burden. In fact, you can share on food and accommodation.
  • Travel within your means. If your budget is on a shoestring and yet, you want to travel, you can start in destinations within or near your place. You may check for a vehicle  that fits your budget whether its for rental or sale.

An escapade does not need to be financially pushover. Planning and wise spending is the key as that  would guarantee a worthwhile travel!

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