Tips for Preparing Your Home for Winter Weather

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As the leaves start falling and the autumn weather begins, smart homeowners are getting ready to face the upcoming winter season. It may not be fun to say goodbye to summer, but the best way to get ready for the winter is to act well in advance of the bad weather and get your home prepared early. Fortunately, with a little bit of work and some forethought, you can easily get your house ready for the worst that winter may bring. Here are some tips to help you get started in making your home winter-ready.

Put Away Summer Fun

If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to close up your pool and put away any of the other fun summer toys you’ve been enjoying. You don’t have to empty your pool, but you do need to clean, treat, and cover it before the weather changes. Similarly, clean and put away any outdoor furniture that you think will be damaged by winter weather like snow, ice, and hail. Make sure you put it away in good condition, which will save you time and trouble next spring.

Get Your Yard Ready

First of all, clean up any leaves that have fallen and commit to composting them. It’s a waste to through away leaves in a landfill when they can be used to improve your lawn and garden. If you don’t have the means to compost your leaves, contact your local government or nonprofits to find a way to dispose of them without bagging or burning. If you’re lucky enough to have one, clear out your vegetable garden as the temperatures drop. Instead, plant overwintering varieties like cabbage, broccoli, or kale. Add a cover crop like fava beans to improve your garden in time for the next season. Apply mulch to sensitive perennials and around your trees to protect them in the coming months.

Get Repairs Done Early

Don’t wait until it’s too late to take care of your roof or gutters. Instead, find a local company that specializes in home repairs to take care of these problems now. You can often find the best deals from well-established companies online. For example, you can click here to find out about home repair options in the Pacific Northwest like Clear Vision Construction. Take care of these home repairs before the winter weather strikes.


Three Reasons to Get Renters Insurance

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When you tell people that rent a home, you might see them rolling their eyes as they tell you that buying is much better than renting. Renting is a smart option for many though, especially those who want to save money for the down payment on a house they buy later and those who move often for work. Whether you rent a house or an apartment though, you should think about getting renters insurance. One of these policies will protect your belongings as well as your bank account when a disaster strikes.

Personal Property

One benefit of getting renters insurance is that the policy will protect your personal property. Consider what would happen if a robber broke in while you were at work or on vacation. That person could take everything of value from your home, including a laptop that you use for work and a gaming console and television that you use to relax. With renters insurance, you will pay your deductible and let the insurer cover the cost of replacing all the items that someone stole from your home.

Building Damage

Many people do not purchase renters insurance because they assume that their landlords will take care of any damage that occurs. They do not realize that the legal system may hold them responsible for some of the damage done to that building. A good example is a fire that was the fault of the tenant. If you had a kitchen fire that did damage to your kitchen, the landlord may come after you for the cost of repairing the kitchen as well as damage caused by smoke and water to other areas of the building.

Natural Disasters

A natural disaster like a hurricane or earthquake can cause so much damage to the building you live in that you cannot move back there. With the right insurance policy, you’ll get cash that you can use to cover all your living expenses. You can use that money to stay in a hotel until the landlord repairs the building or to find a new rental home. Insurance will also cover the cost of replacing all the personal belongings that you lost in that disaster. You can get quite a bit of coverage for just a small monthly payment. Click here for more information on the best types of insurance and how you can get a renters policy.

Home and Family Safety from Soil Contamination

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We build our homes to ensure that there is a safe haven for our families. We would do everything and even undergo soil and gas sampling and testing to ensure that nothing will harm our family at home. It is the place for us to relax and unwind after a busy day at work. It is also were we bond with our children as they grow. We want nothing but safe and security for our home and family so we go all the way to get tests for harmful chemicals in our surrounding area.

There are common gas leak issues and there may even be a problem with lead in your home so you really must consider regular sampling and testing. These chemicals can harm your family and loved ones slowly without you even knowing it. Some home owners call the experts to conduct soil sampling and testing every five years to ensure that there is no health hazards that can cause illness to their family. Home gardeners are also very particular about the health standards of the soil in their area because it very critical for growing vegetable and fruits for the family’s consumption.

In some cases, soil remediation is needed to restore the health and safety of the soil surrounding our homes. Soil can be poisoned by gas that we spill while we load the lawn mower or simply by those firecrackers we lit up during the 4th of July. Soil can be contaminated with different toxins coming from our house paint and when we have nearby storage facilities where toxins might have spilled. Depending on the results of the sampling and testing, you may need to excavate, wash, aerate or treat the soil in your property. Contaminated soil maybe extracted and separated to avoid affecting other areas and contamination of underground water. Make sure that you regularly check the safety of your surrounding areas to avoid any illness or health hazards from contaminated soil.

5 Ways Title Insurance Reduces Your Risks

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Title insurance can be greatly beneficial when it comes to buying a home or a piece of property. It provides the buyer and seller with confidence knowing that everything related to the property is covered. Although most real estate properties are sold without complications, there could be hidden problems that you could wind up paying for.

Water and Mineral Rights

Many people don’t realize that certain water and mineral rights of the property itself often belong to third parties. Title companies do their best to make sure that you have all the information possible, but sometimes these rights are forgotten or misinterpreted. Insurance can cover any financial damages caused by unknown variables such as this.

Property Easements

Property easements can come in a wide assortment of sizes and needs. For example, the state could require an eight-foot easement near public roads for various purposes. Building onto these easements often leads to removal of that property such as fences or garages. Title companies help protect the buyer from financial obligations of those objects installed by previous owners.

Heir Claims of Ownership

If a rightful heir is discovered after the sale of a property, you may be forced to forfeit the purchase of the home. Insurance protects buyers from losing equity in the property in such an event. Usually, title companies are thorough when it comes to such complications. However, not everything may be recorded related to the previous owner in public records.

Forged Deeds in the Past

Deeds could have been forged in order to promote the sale of a property in the past. This means that the original sale of the real estate could be in violation of laws, especially if there is a third-party lien on the property for taxes or other required debts.

Lien Protection

Title companies will go through public records to ensure that there are no liens tied to any given lot. Certain liens prevent the property from being sold until the debts are paid. You could be financially liable to cover these complications without the right insurance.

It’s always best to get a title insurance quote when you decide to buy a property. You don’t want to be in the middle of moving in when you discover there is a lien against the lot or that you need to sacrifice a portion of the land due to various easements. Without proper title coverage, you may find yourself in a precarious position such as an illegal transaction from the seller that could cause financial troubles in the near future.

Home Ownership Precautions

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When considering a home to rent or purchase, it’s important that you do thorough research on the property before making any lofty commitments. There are a lot of houses that may seem sound and secure upon first glance, when in reality they could be unstable and fraught with defects.

For instance, problems with wiring have the potential for being very dangerous, and the last thing you want is rust encrusted pipes or lead infused paint on the walls. If you’re looking to buy a home, always make sure you are making a deal with someone who has a good reputation.

The real estate industry is full of unscrupulous opportunists who’d love to take advantage of eager homeowners. As long as you do your homework, you’re bound to find a house and a Realtor who is dedicated to securing you with precisely what you want.

Whether you’re building or buying a home, it’s also important to consider the environment you’ll be in. If you live in an area that is prone to heavy rain and potential flooding, a reinforced foundation may be necessary. Home foundation problems also plague buildings that are particularly old, but you can easily find a professional who can assist you in reestablishing your home’s integrity. You can learn more about how sturdy your home is by reading some Armstrong steel buildings reviews.

Search the keywords “foundation waterproofing Ottawa” to find a local contractor who can help you take preventative measures against future damage. If you make an effort to protect your house from natural abrasion, you’ll feel far more secure in the long run.

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