What To Do After A Car Accident

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Most of us are afraid of flying, but few of us are afraid of cars. When you think about it, this doesn’t make much sense at all. After all, flying is statistically safe. You’re much more likely to have a car accident than to be a victim of a plane crash.

For those of us who drive every day, it’s a bitter pill to swallow that we put ourselves at risk every time we get behind the wheels of our vehicles. However, the reality is that car accidents do happen. If you find yourself in a car accident, what you do in the aftermath can be critical to both your physical and your financial well-being. Here’s what to do after a car accident.

Check That Everyone Is Okay Physically

Don’t even worry about your car or who was at fault in the immediate aftermath of an auto accident. During this critical time, your only concern should be that everyone is okay. Check on your passengers first and then if you are physically able to do so, check on the people in other vehicle or vehicles involved. You should call an ambulance for anyone with injuries, no matter how minor they might seem. Even the smallest neck injuries can become serious if left untreated. If someone has been seriously injured, never attempt to move them unless their lives will be in jeopardy if you don’t, such as in the case of a fire or a gas leak.

File A Police Report

If you’re in a minor car accident, there’s a chance that the other party might ask you to avoid calling the police and to just keep it between the two of you. Never accept this deal. You must always file a police report after a car accident, even if it’s minor.

Get An Attorney

Once you’re home safe and you’ve filed your police report, it’s time to do an internet search for “car accident lawyer Harnando County FL.” You should always consult an attorney after a car accident. He or she will be able to best advise you on what to do next to ensure that you’re treated fairly.

No one wants to be in a car accident. However, if you follow these tips, you can stay safe and get the justice you deserve for your injuries.

Why a Summer Storage Unit Is the Perfect Solution for Students

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Once spring semester finals are done, the attention of students turns to making plans to go home for summer break. No one wants to cart a ton of belongings here and there, when they will need to turn around and bring them back for use after break.


An Inexpensive Storage Option

Most students are on a tight budget. Finding a safe and clean storage unit to place items in while on summer break is much more affordable than paying the expense of moving items long distances. It makes more sense to leave furniture, books and other unneeded items for summer break in a location that is near the location where they will resume studies.


Save Time and Expense of Moving Items Back and Forth

Being gone from college for a brief three month period is the much needed break most students crave. The ability to reconnect with friends and family is a welcome change from daily classes and studies. The problem with paying the expense of a moving truck to drag all of their belongings back home will be doubled when it is time to return to classes. It creates a cycle of extra work and expense with little benefit.


Easy Access to Belongings

Storage units are secure, but it is easy to access for anyone that decides to utilize the services for safekeeping of personal items. If something important is forgotten, it can easily be placed in, or taken out of the unit at any time.


Safe Storage of Personal Items

The premises for storage units are monitored for security of the items and safety of the people that come and go. You are assured that your belongings will be kept safe from theft and damage.


Keep Belongings In the Area

Trying to load belongings and bring them home on break leaves a student with the problem of finding available space to store them with friends, or relatives. It is less complicated to simply store them locally. It makes plans for going home less stressful.

Contact self-storage experts like On Demand Storage to find out more about summer storage for college students Boston MA today!

How to Successfully Tailgate With the Entire Family

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When your favorite sports team comes to town, it’s time to head out to the stadium and cheer them on. Part of being at the game is the tailgating that occurs before it. The entire family can enjoy some time out of the house as everyone gets excited about the upcoming competition. Get ready for a spectacular season by following a few guidelines about tailgating success.

Haul the Big Items

A grand tailgating time can’t rely on a small cooler and a fast-food bag of items. Be ready to bring the large cooler and a barbecue in most cases. You’ll probably be tailgating for several hours before the game so fill up the car with as many food and drinks as you can. Ideally, use a truck or SUV as your transportation on game day.

Grab the Outdoor Games

There’s no room for television viewing in the stadium parking lot. Entertain your family with active games, including regulation cornhole boards. These physical games get everyone involved in the fun while sparking conversation. You may even start a friendly competition with an adjacent family during the festivities. Fun and socializing are the goals of the day as your family takes time out of a busy schedule.

Shake Out the Umbrella

Regardless of the temperature outside, being under the bright sun for a long time period is tiring. Bring a large umbrella or foldable tent in order to cover most of your tailgating area. The shade alone is enough to keep you relaxed until game time. Bring foldable seats too, and you’ll have most of the comforts of home.

Keep the Menu Simple

Because you need to haul your food items out to the stadium, don’t cook anything that’s complicated. Hot dogs, hamburgers and chips are perfect choices for your grill. The condiments can also be simple, such as lettuce, tomato and ketchup. Fill the cooler with a mixture of different drinks that will please everyone. Water, soda and juices are a good combination so that everyone is hydrated.

Be courteous to others as you enjoy the party atmosphere in the parking lot. Park your vehicle between the lines, and only spread out as much as necessary. Everyone should have a chance to enjoy a relaxing time before the big game. In the end, the family might meet others who’ll become your best friends throughout the season.

Gelatin Art is an Amazing Creation

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In 2007, Cake Connection owner Diane Simmons began developing a complete product line for a new technique creating innovative art made from gelatin. These edible glass-like creations are not only beautiful but are also easy to make. They only need unflavored gelatin, food color, and water!

Gelatin Bows, Flowers and Butterflies

In an instructional video or during a class, see how much fun it is to create these beautiful art forms by preparing the gelatin, brushing it onto texture sheets, and then creating such things as fancy bows adorned with glitzy butterflies or brush petals on special sheets and creating a lily with greenery.

Art Starter Kit

Everything you need to get started in this unique art. Included is a “Gelatin in Bloom” book, five-piece veining sheet set, a single bow texture sheet, a Bug Body mold, one ounce of unflavored gelatin, a three-size set of flat soft sable brushes set Flat sable brushes, and wire.


You can buy a 2.5 ounce jar or a one pound container of the unflavored gelatin that is what is necessary for your gelatin art projects.

Gelatin Veining Sheets

These clear food grade plastic washable sheets are used to create the gelatin flowers, leaves, butterflies and dragonflies. You dissolve the gelatin in water, melt it in the microwave, add food color, and brush on these sheets. Allow to dry and then trim with scissors. Decorate as desired and assemble. Step-by step color photos with the recipe and written instructions are included.

Gelatin Bow Texture Sheets

Buy these six sheets and only pay close to the price of five! Use these sheets to create gelatin bows and also to create chocolate bows, various sugar pastes, and butter cream icing.

Diane Simmons has built up her Cake Connection business tremendously after decorating cakes since 1992 and having several cakes published in various magazines throughout the world. She has traveled the country visiting numerous stores and cake shows where she shares and teaches her creations. She has won several awards at various competitions and has also written two books on her gelatin techniques. She has also added a wide variety of candy, cake and cookie making and decorating supplies as well as packaging needs and over 450 candy molds and more than 300 cookie cutters! Visit her retail store in Jackson, Michigan, or go online, and learn how you, too, can become a gelatin artist!

Establishing An Ice Cream Business

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Food trucks have become popular over recent years. You don’t need a storefront, and you can take your business to another area of the town if it’s not doing well where you are currently set up in the truck. A fun idea is becoming an ice cream vendor and setting up an ice cream cart. You can do this with only minimal items, and you can put a smile on the faces of your customers as most people enjoy ice cream. One of the best times of the year is in the summer, so you will likely be able to make a good profit as long as you have a variety of ice cream to sell and you are willing to travel to outlying areas to sell the product.

One of the advantages of an ice cream business is that the profit margins can be very high through the summer and even maintained through the rest of the year as there are likely people who will still eat ice cream even when it’s cold. You won’t have a lot of waste to throw away. The product is in it’s own container if you sell ice cream that comes in a wrapper. If you sell ice cream that you have to scoop and put in a bowl, then you might have to throw away a few napkins or large ice cream containers. You will have to pay for the gas for the vehicle to get from one location to another. If you have a mobile cart, then you won’t have to worry with gas as you would walk along the sidewalks to sell your product.

There isn’t a lot of skill involved in starting an ice cream business. The only thing that you need to do is purchase the ice cream that you want to sell. You also need to know how to price the ice cream so that it’s not too expensive for customers but so that you do make money. If you play music from your cart, then people will come to you looking for the sweet treat. The only thing you need to do is set up in a busy location of the city.

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