Must Haves for Small Living Spaces

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In urban areas, apartment and condo living is the fad. People are too busy with work and career but taking care of their living spaces should not be set aside. If you have a limited space, you can try putting strategic storage spaces to de-clutter and organize your space. Some must haves are vertical shelving, sofa or bed with storage space, nesting tables and cabinets with sliding doors. Furniture that can be moved around and can be used for different purposes are also necessary pieces for condo and apartment living space. These items not only keep your place tidy, they also add spice and aesthetic appeal to your place.

Tips For Choosing Lamps

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Lamps provide the adorning touch to a rooms in much the same way that accessories enhance your wardrobe. In addition to adding beauty to a room, lamps play a large role in creating a specific atmosphere. Lamps are generally a decorative and functional aspect of your décor.


Size is one design aspect that must be taken into consideration when choosing lamps. You don’t want a table lamp to be so tall or have a shade so large that it obstructs the view in a seating arrangement. You’ll also want the base of the lamp to fit comfortably on the tabletop.


When purchasing lamps for any room of your home, it’s important to consider how much illumination you need the lamp to provide. Lamps in a reading area need to provide more lighting than lamps that are added as a mood-setting aspect of the décor. The height of a lamp can impact how well it lights up a certain space. Floor lamps are often a good choice for a reading area. They are also an attractive way to brighten up corners or spaces that would go unnoticed without illumination.


When you shop for lamps, it’s important that you don’t assume that descriptive style classifications are not compatible with your décor. One example of a lamp style that can fit amazingly well in a variety of decors is cottage lamps. At first, you might think a cottage lamp would only complement a coastal or nautical theme décor. However, there are certain styles that will fit well into a modern, contemporary, transitional, vintage or eclectic living room, bedroom or dining room décor. Cottage style lamps can also fit well into many of the décor themes chosen for a child’s room.

The key to incorporating a cottage style lamp into any décor is to use the base of the lamp as your guide. Select a base with straight lines, smooth curves or a uniquely designed base that best complements your décor. You might want to use color as your selection guide. Green, turquoise and corral are compatible with many decors. Brass lamps are exceptionally versatile.

Lamps are an aspect of your décor that give you an opportunity to express your personality. While they aren’t the main feature of a room, they certainly play a vital supporting role in assuring the overall décor is pleasing to the eye.

Unique Custom Features for Kitchen Cabinets

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The kitchen is one area of the home that should be designed to best accommodate the person who does the majority of the cooking. No doubt, you also want your kitchen to be beautiful and comfortable for family and friends who find it to be a favorite spot to spend time in. Custom cabinets make it easier to keep your kitchen uncluttered and organized. An organized kitchen is a time-saving feature in your home.

Uncluttered Counter Tops

You probably gave a lot of thought to the kitchen counter top style, color and material you wanted to include in your kitchen design. Having done that, you certainly don’t want to clutter the counters with appliances, gadgets, spice racks and other specialty items. When you consult with professionals at custom cabinets st louis, they can help you custom design cabinets that will provide specific types of storage and keep your counters clear. An appliance garage is ideal for keeping small appliances out of sight. The interior of a drawer or the inside of a cabinet or pantry door can provide storage space for spices. A drawer for knives, gadgets and utensils is a convenience you shouldn’t overlook.

Custom Organizational Features

Pullout shelves are an excellent organizational feature. Pots stored in a cabinet with pullout shelves are easy to access. Cabinets designed to hold a trash can are both a convenience and a way to keep your kitchen looking attractive. Cabinets can be designed with specialty features such as plate holders, wine glass storage, wine bottle storage and other individualized storage areas that are helpful to the person who uses the kitchen most often.

Aesthetic Enhancements

You don’t have to forfeit beauty in order to create a highly functional kitchen. The cabinet and drawer hardware you choose can contribute to the aesthetics of the kitchen. The cabinet door fronts can also be a decorative feature in the kitchen. Glass front or frosted glass fronts are very attractive. They’re a good choice for small kitchens. They reflect light and visually expand the spaciousness of a small kitchen.

Working with a professional in the field of custom cabinet design, you can create a kitchen layout that functions in the most efficient way for you. You can also incorporate the exterior design details and special, individualized touches that make your kitchen an exquisite and comfortable room in your home.

What Do You See In A School Cafeteria?

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When you enter a school cafeteria, you often see long tables with either benches or stools. Some cafeterias have tables for students to sit in so that they are comfortable. There are other types of cafeteria furniture Canada companies sell so that schools have their own look when it comes to the lunch environment.

The basis for any school cafeteria is the table. If it’s an elementary school, you might want bright colors and fun designs with chairs that are in colors that match the tables. However, middle and high school students likely want something basic, so a plain white table and simple chairs or stools would probably be the best option. There are several sizes of tables to choose from, such as those that are long and seat several people at a time and those that are circular. These are often best for smaller schools that don’t have as many students.

Another item that you might see in a school cafeteria is a beverage cart. This is often positioned near the doors that lead to the serving line. It usually holds condiments, cups, napkins and other items that students would need to get to complete their meal. Trays are another item that you’ll see. There are some that have compartments so that each food is separated while others are a simple tray that will hold a plate and small bowls. The compartments are ideal for schools that serve the same thing to all students without options, such as daycare centers, preschools and elementary schools.

When you go to the kitchen of the cafeteria, you’ll see that there are several appliances that are used. There are prep stations so that the staff can make the food that is served. There are refrigerators that hold the milk, juice and other items that are used on a daily basis. You might see an ice cream case where students can get ice cream with their lunch. There will usually be either one large stove or a few smaller stoves so that the staff can prepare the meals for the day in a short time.

Taking Care of Your Leather Sofa

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Leather couches or sofa can easily give you that luxurious, cozy and homey feel that’s perfect for your living room. Once you decide to get a leather sofa, you must practice proper care to ensure that it remains charming and avoid any damages over time. Proper maintenance will make your leather sofa look finer and better so here are some tips to help you keep your piece supple and unique looking. Swab your leather sofa several weeks after buying it. Avoid strong cleaning solution which mach ruin the natural surface of the leather. Also, keep your leather sofa away from direct heat. Ours developed cracks in the leather and it’s deterioration followed suit because of the heat.

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