How to Make Your Elderly Parent Feel Wanted

Posted by admin in Family Affairs on 01-08-2018

As your parent ages, they want to feel like they are still a valuable part of the family, but their physical limitations can make this difficult. This is when you need to consider making a few minor adjustments that will allow them to join in on family activities while remaining comfortable and happy.


Are you planning a family trip, but feel guilty about leaving Mom or Dad behind? Why not make a few small changes so that they can join you. Book a handicap accessible room that has doors and walkways wide enough for a wheelchair and handrails in the bathroom to prevent falls. When travelling into the big city, take advantage of the wheelchair accessible taxi new york ny has to offer.


The holidays are definatly a time for family, and you don’t want your parent to feel excluded. Depending on their health limitations, they can still be a wonderful part of these special occasions. Spend a specially set aside day to help them with their shopping. Keep the house warmer than normal so that they are comfortable. Keep get-togethers simple, and keep visits short so they can get plenty of rest.

Daily Life

Nothing can be more frustrating to your elderly parent than feeling like they can’t be a part of daily life. Rather than excluding them, give them easier tasks in the kitchen that can be done while sitting at the table. Ask for their help with chores. They may not be able to lift heavy items, and jobs may get done slower, but this is okay. What you are doing for their self esteem is well worth any sacrafice.

Making a few small adjustments in your plans so that your elderly parent can still join the family for travel, holidays, and daily activities will benefit everyone. They will enjoy the time spent with you, your spouse, and kids, and together you will be making memories that will last a lifetime.

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