The Purpose Of Equality Laws

Posted by admin in General on 11-01-2018

It’s a strange fact of life that many people view racial equality laws as discriminating in some way against another race. In fact, these laws are the very epitome of striving for racial equality in any society they appear in. That the laws themselves appear in the first place is usually a good indicator that there has been some form of discrimination deeply embedded into a social system. While these types of laws can be debated, and they will always continue to be, at their heart they are positive in nature and enacted to improve the lives of those who are facing an uphill run against the odds.

If the purpose is to decrease instances of discrimination and give people who are often overlooked due to their race, then these laws need to have just that effect. If the laws don’t have an impact on the things they’re trying to correct, then they’re not worth much. A lot of money is invested into researching these particular laws and seeing how they actually impact the lives of the people affected by them.

Take the example of college admissions. If it’s shown that one race is rarely admitted into a certain college even though there are a certain number of applicants, there might be research into why this is so. Is this because of the race? Is it because the people choose to go to college elsewhere? What happens after the person applies that determines whether or not they get into the college they’re applying to? If it’s race, then there might need to be a law enacted that requires a certain number of people of that race to be admitted. This is one of the oldest equality laws that were introduced in the 1990’s and it was controversial to a degree, but as more time passed people have come to see the research that indicates there is already discrimination against some students who apply to be admitted to college. People are more accepting of these types of laws because they know that they don’t help anyone get an advantage. They simply even the scales and give everyone more of a fair chance.

While these laws will always inspire fierce debate, there’s no denying that they have helped some people succeed in life even when the odds were against them. Few can argue with the positivity of that.

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