Ideas For The Basement

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If you have a basement in your home, then you know that there can be few things to do with the space if it’s not designed to be a functional area. Most basements are used for storage, where the hot water heater is located or where the heating system of the home is located. However, if you don’t have these items in the basement and the structure is supportive, there are basement remodeling Northern VA companies that can offer ideas about ways to improve this room in the home and perform the work when you’re ready to get started.

Most basements are dark and dreary. Remodel the room by installing windows that will allow the sun to shine through. Paint the walls white or a neutral color that is bright so that the space will feel comfortable and attractive instead of like a dungeon in the home. Transform the space into a family room where everyone can enjoy watching television, spending time on holidays or gathering to talk about the day. Another option for the basement is to turn the room into an office. The office can be used to get work done or for your kids to get their homework and special projects for school finished. You’re going to want to use white or bright colors on the wall when creating an office as well.

If you have family members or guests who frequently spend the night, then consider making the basement a guest bedroom. You can get a remodeling contractor to add a bathroom with a toilet, shower, and sink as well as a closet or a wall so that there is a living room and bedroom. It can be designed to look like a small apartment so that your guests don’t have to stay at a hotel when they visit. The room could also be used by an older child who is in college and doesn’t want to stay on campus but wants his own space in the home. A benefit of using the basement as a guest room is that there is usually a private entrance or enough space where an entrance can be made.

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