5 Perfect Uses for Marble Slabs

Posted by admin in House and Home on 10-10-2017

Marble slabs are a versatile stone material that can be used in a surprising number of projects around the home. The most difficult part of deciding to use marble is pocking from the wide selections of color and natural vein design. Below are five of the best used for a quality marble slab.


Fireplace Surrounds

Your living area, family room, or den might have a fireplace that has a less than desirable surround. Adding a touch of marble can make the room and fireplace stand out. It can add a real touch of class and contemporary style. You can also use a matching portion of marble slab for the hearth. This might become your favorite area of the home for entertaining.


Kitchen and Bathroom Counters

Outdated laminate and tile counters in the bathroom and kitchen have to go if you are trying to complete a facelift of these areas. Each marble slab offers a different color, vein pattern and overall feel. This means every room where marble is used, it will be unique. You can match the existing decor, or go for a complete change.


Sunken Tub Surrounds

Sunken tubs and glass-encased showers are perfect for a bold veined slab of marble. You can completely transform your bathroom into a virtual oasis of relaxation and splendor. You can have the same sensation experienced on the best of vacations right in your own home.


Kitchen Islands

Having extra space to prepare meals in the kitchen will increase the value of your home. One of the important areas looked at by home buyers is the kitchen. The more modern and updated it is, the better the potential is to sell if there is ever a need. Using a perfectly cut marble slab will provide ample space for a center kitchen island and will offer lasting beauty for years.


Patio Entertainment Areas

Marble slabs can be used in outdoor entertainment areas for things like stationary tables, benches and bar counters. You will enjoy spending as much time outdoors as you do indoors. The marble material will last for years and provide many opportunities to impress family and friends with barbecues, birthday parties, and other get-togethers.


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