Ways to Make an Old Room Seem New

Posted by admin in House and Home on 14-01-2017

A lot of people live in homes that were built decades ago. A large portion of them look it. Although there’s really nothing wrong with a rustic and retro appearance, sometimes giving a house a face lift can change how you feel about the property. Luckily, it doesn’t take a great deal of effort to revamp virtually any room.

Painting the Walls

You really don’t know what a fresh coat of paint can do for a room until the project is complete. While you can paint the room the same color as before, you can add more flare to the appearance by choosing something different. Some homeowners will go so far as to paint each room a completely different color to create a specific aesthetic for each area.

Changing Fixtures

Wall sconces, overhead lighting and even the light switch covers can be changed out to give the room a more modern feel. However, some changes may require the help of an electrician depending on how old the home is. Older wiring may not be safe for some items. In reality, it’s not a bad idea to have the wiring up to modern standards whether you’re installing new fixtures or not.

Replacing the Floor

One of the most obvious methods of revitalizing an old room is by replacing the floor. Something as simple as installing a lighter color carpet, laminate or tile can brighten the room exponentially. This isn’t too mention how replacing the floor can give you the opportunity to create a more eco-friendly home by using energy efficient solutions.

Windows and Frames

When looking to give the room a new appearance, don’t underestimate what windows and frames can offer. With the right general contractor, a new and more modern window can offer an elegant and energy-efficient addition to the home. Besides, new framing may be greatly beneficial in older structures to seal up any gaps and cracks they may have developed over time.

Built-in Shelving

Some homes are able to accommodate built-in, wall shelving. This is when smaller shelves are built directly into the wall using the empty space within its width. Not only does this offer an appealing addition to the home, but it can also help in creating an open area. These are especially useful in rooms that are already limited in floor space.

It doesn’t take a lot of major changes to give an older house a newer appearance. It all depends on how far you want to take a renovation and the goal of the end result. Sometimes something as simple as a good paint job can do the trick. With the right experts helping you, virtually any room can take on a whole new look and feel.

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