Gas Saving Tips for Car Owners

Posted by admin in Repair and Maintenance on 03-03-2013

Anywhere in the world the price of fuel is steadily moving upwards and it’s not backing down any moment. Yet car makers still continue to create cars to meet the increasing demand of consumers worldwide. On a positive note, car makers have also became more attuned to nature’s call for more earth-friendly products and practices. Since vehicles have become more of a necessity than a luxury for most of us, we can simply aim to save our gas consumption and be more responsible car owners by changing driving styles and keeping cars in tip-top shape at all times.

Check your car tire pressure at least once a month. Incorrect air pressure in your tires might actually drag down your vehicle and make you consume more gas than necessary. Avoid driving at high speed if you’re not in a hurry for your safety as well as better fuel economy. To save on gas, be sure to increase or decrease your speed gradually. Allowing your car to run for about three minutes after starting it on cold winter months is also enough to warm up the engine – there’s no need to step on the accelerator to do this. Avoid unnecessary weight, be light with your car as this can also eat up your gas consumption.

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