Alternative gifts for children

Posted by admin in Family Affairs, Shopping on 07-02-2013

Let’s face it: for most children, birthdays are all about the presents – even for a few adults, if they’re honest. But it’s a common occurrence now for children’s parties to leave you with an overflowing toy box, while many of the items get pushed to the bottom of the pile and never see the light of day again. While it’s always important to mark occasions, there are a whole host of presents that kids can really use but that thankfully won’t clutter up your living room floor.

A birthday might be the ideal time to develop their musical side and buy them a course of lessons. But learning to play an instrument is not for everyone: before you go shopping for guitars, it’s worth discussing it first and determining if their curiosity will be sustained long-term. But if they’ve expressed an interest in instruments or show a propensity for music at school, this can be an unusual gift that could grow into a future talent.

Educational gifts may seem like the perfect gift from the parent’s perspective but there’s still a lot to be said for a birthday treat.

Tickets for a theatre show or a hands-on experience at the zoo are instantly rewarding options and will stay with them for years.  A cinema voucher or a theme park pass also makes a good suggestion to pass on to family and friends looking for inspiration. While savings may not be your child’s first choice of present when they’re young, you can make it a bit special by putting money in a specific travel fund for their teenage years, or help them to save up for a bigger present that’s not practical at the moment, such as a laptop computer.

There are plenty of ways to put a new slant on traditional gifts as well. If a child has a special interest, such as dinosaurs or model trains, it might be worth checking out magazine subscriptions as well as the usual books and gift sets. Whatever you aim for, using a bit of imagination when you give a gift can buy them much more than just heading for the local toy store.

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