The Psychology of Colour

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When people take on the task of decorating their house, often they don’t look into the feelings created by their colour choice. The psychology of colour is the study of the effects on feelings from different colours. People often choose their favourite colour for their favourite room, but what if your favourite colour created feeling of anxiety when used in excess.

Here is a guide to help you chose the right colour for your home decorating.


There are many variations of the colour red such as burgundy, maroon, crimson and scarlet, all of which have slightly different effects on our behaviour and mood. But the general conscientious for red is PASSION. If you are lacking a bit of “something” in the bedroom, the introduction of red curtains, cushions, bedding or a floor rug might help get the senses going but be warned, too much red can influence negative emotions such as anger. Red is a colour that brings up vivid emotions so should be used sparingly (someone should have warned Christian Grey).

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Orange is the colour of SOCIAL COMMUNICATION, two way conversation and thinking. Orange is one of these few colours that has truly positive effects on emotion, it is optimistic, uplifting and rejuvenating. Orange is used in restaurants in the form of peach or terracotta as its ability to keep people talking. Warm orange colours in the dining room area will promote a healthy, stimulated conversation over the dinner table.


The official colour of INTELLECT and the mind, Yellow offers hope, optimism and original thought. Yellow helps with clear thinking and quick decision making and is related to the mind, not the heart. Cream is seen as a shade of yellow and is very popular in home décor, particularly new homes; it promotes new ideas and a clean start. On the other end of the spectrum, bright yellow and too much of it has been linked to suicide and increases our sensitivity to criticism. Yellow would be ideal in the form of curtains or décor in a home office to promote original thinking and intellect.


The colour green is closely regarded as the colour of HARMONY, balance and growth. It is the balance between the heart and the emotions creating the equilibrium between head and heart. Green is the colour of prosperity and wealthy, I don’t think it is a coincidence the Dollar is green.Although. too much green can have a negative effect on our emotions in the form of the green eyed monster, envy. Green can be suited to the hallway in creating an inviting and harmonious entrance to the house and creating a balanced environment for people to step into.


Blue is the colour of TRUST, reliability and responsibility. The colour blue promotes a calming control and organisation to an area. Imagine the calm feeling we get when we lay on our backs in a garden and stare up at a clear blue sky. Blue is the most universally liked colour due to its feeling of honesty but its ability to slows the metabolism makes it a less than ideal choice for the kitchen. Shades of blue are seen as nostalgic, predictable and calming which makes it perfect for the living room or family room. Deeper shades of blue and emphasis the nostalgia and can be used in the form of cushions, curtains, throw rugs or lamp shades.


The colour purple or violet has positive effects on the IMAGINATION and spirituality. Purple inspires creativity and originality. Purple is also closely related to royalty, wealthy and luxury. It sounds like the perfect colour for every room and every object but be warned, too much and it can bring out negative feelings in those susceptible to depression and stress.  Small additions of purple in the living room or children’s play area will inspire the imagination and get those mental juices running.


Pink is a mixture of red and white and is the colour of unconditional love and NURTURING. Pink is intuitive and thoughtful, showing tenderness and kindness. Studies have shown that exposure to vast amounts of pink can have a calming effects on the nerves but at the expense of weakened physical ability. Pink is a non-threatening colour that is best suited in the bedroom; it creates a relaxing, nurturing, and reassuring environment. It is very feminine when used excessively but the positive effects can out weight the negatives if used appropriately.Be warned girls, excessive pink in clothing can indicate a need for acceptance and support within a group.


The colour white is seen as PURE, innocent and wholesome. It also paints a picture of cleanliness and sterile. White gives the feeling of space and so using white in smaller rooms also has the benefit of added space, small rooms such as bathrooms or bedrooms would benefit from white décor. White walls can create the feeling of space and purity and allow for the addition of other colours to brighten the room and create other feelings.

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This article was written by Vicki Power on behalf of Custom Curtains, providers of colourful curtains and cushions in a variety of colours

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