Coins That Capture the Imagination

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Coins That Capture the Imagination


For many us the fascination begins as children. Taking a close look at the change we got from the local convenience store. Then, we learn the stories behind items. Coins like wheat pennies, and Indian head pennies. Not long after, just like those collecting baseball cards, we develop an interest in the rarest coins you can get. For some, this becomes a passing interest as they move on through life and get into other things. This however, is a fascination that comes roaring back. This is very apparent every time you stumble onto another collectible coin. You separate it from your other coins, and keep it around until you find a catch all drawer and lose it in there or you give it to someone that actually does have organized collections.

We want you to keep those coins. We can help you put together your collection and have them for you to display and enjoy for a long time. At American Coin Treasures, we are proud to display our coin collections. We urge you to get familiar with our collection. We have beautiful chests that contain various different collections of rare coins, an excellent starter kit for someone to revive their interest in coin collecting.

We also have old-fashioned money bags that serve the same purpose. They give you an interesting way to display your collection. These collections can be comprised of real rare silver coins, or exclusively steel pennies from the days when copper was more important as bullets, or it can be a mix of different coins with collectors value because of various different reasons.

We are a great source for getting mint proof sets of coins protected in commemorative covers that tell the story of the coins they contain. These collections vary from rather common coins to some that are very rare. We also have a New York Times coin and stamp set, when you visit our online store, that come with classic articles from the newspaper telling of significant dates in history. We are definitely the portal to enjoyment of these timeless collectibles. Our country has seen many changes and momentous occasions, many in the span of your own life time. There is no better way to bring these times and events back to mind.

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