Holiday Home Decorations with Glass Votives

Posted by admin in Home Decors on 23-10-2012

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This coming holiday season, everybody is excited about decorating and setting up Christmas decors around the house. Our home is no different, and the kids are clamoring for decors, glittery accents and pine and oak pieces that they can create and add to our doors, walls and ceilings! Though we want to stay organized with these decorating projects, the children sure want to have their handy work displayed as well so we cleared up one of the shelves and lined up their creations. To make a more dramatic effect, we placed mercury glass votives to highlight the decorations especially the nativity set. The kids were all amazed gazing at their creative works.

These glass votives definitely lends a soft, calming effect to an area where it lights. Many may not be familiar with these new innovations but they are actually easily available online. You may search for battery operated candles along with glass votives when you want to find the best possible home d├ęcor for different events and occasions. These pieces were used to set up a romantic mood, but soon other designs were made for them to be displayed for weddings, parties as well as for the holidays. Some votives can also be used to hold small flowers and becomes a centerpiece while others are made as candle holders and led light holders.

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