Bundled Planet Cable/Internet With No Internet

Posted by admin in Community, Mommy Thoughts on 24-11-2011

I am not so satisfied with Planet Cable lately. Their collection for monthly due is advance. Say, for the month of December usage, they have to collect the fee for the month of November. So for instance, you failed to pay before December, expect that your internet connection will not work.

I called their technical one day and asked about our connection, the guy whom I spoke said to monitor the connection and it will be back after a while. Days had passed and to no avail.

Today, I called their office to ask or complain about that and got an amazing answer – yes indeed, because I failed to pay within the specified date and (yes still advance) so my connection is cut. Holy cow?!! And yet, the billing for the so called cable and internet is still the same. C’mon I am not complaining here. I failed to pay YES, by all means cut it! But if I failed to pay for tomorrow’s usage or next month’s usage is something different and new for me! Not to mention that they cannot deliver what was promised for the speed.

Anyway, I’ve learned my lesson today. Pay first before you use! First in the service community.

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Are you still using Planet Cable’s internet connection? I’m contemplating on getting their services but is wary of the internet speed.

Yes, I have been using Planet Cable for 3 years now. So far so good.. just right for my purpose.

i also plan on applying for their cable/internet service.
are you from bacoor area? will the speed be suitable for a router with 2-3 simultaneous users? just base on your experience 🙂 thanks! 🙂

Hi Ella, yes it should work with 2-3 users.. we are actually 5 users and so far so good..

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