Food Package From Dumaguete

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Last week we received a package from my hubby’s parents from Dumaguete. It was Sunday then, we fetched it from Cebu Pacific cargo office at NAIA Domestic Airport.

While the kids were busy playing with their PSP, we sneaked out and drove to the airport without their knowledge. The food were packaged nicely with an plastic.

Everytime there is an occcasion in Dumaguete, my MIL send us food using Cebu Pacific’s cargo. One of the popular and most loved is : ginamos. Do you know what ginamos means? Sending bulad or dried salted fish and ginamos or anchovies is not allowed because of its smell. I mean surely smell like a rotten fish or whatever you want to call it. My MIL would put a small glass container inside a milk container mixed with native chicken adobo inside. So upon opening the container, the airline officer will not notice its existence. But hey, Thats our secret so better not tell the airline company. 🙂 Or we wont receive any ginamos or bulad anymore.

There were lots of food stored in tupperware plastics from native chicken adobo, pork humba and different kinds of cakes and breads – all are hubby’s favorite!

But my favorite is this crunchy pork chicharon. This is so far the best tastiest, most crunchiest chicharon I have ever tasted. Believe me! I know what I am saying, I wouldn’t grow as fat or as healthy l am today if I don’t know what I am saying.. lol 🙂

This pork chicharon is my entry for :

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am familiar with ginamos…though we normally don’t serve it at home when we were younger because my mother couldn’t stand the smell. lol. we love eating bulad and nukos, though. 🙂

ps. thanks for the suggestion, sis…am not partial to using mr. linky kasi i don’t think it actually links back to your posts (parang secondary link lang siya), and i want the players to get deep links from my post. but am not totally close to the idea. let’s see. appreciate much the feedback, sis! 🙂

pahabol: commentluv seems like a good idea…will see if i can incorporate it in my posts. 🙂

wow, chicharon, yummy


That’s a sweet gesture of them to send you guys some goodies!!! You must be their fav manugang, lol!

I also love chicharon…have you tried bagnet???its also very delicious…

followed you here..hope you do the same…happy eating…

wow mahal ka ata ng MIL mo, hehehe, wow yummy ginamos..

wow, that’s huge…i’m sure lots of goodies inside! 🙂 sarap naman ng chicharon na iyan, kakatakam naman! PinayMum – Mommy’s Life Around…wishing you a great weekend!

wow, this makes me crave for chicharon. yummyness.

my mom brings ginamos fom Bacolod. i don’t know how she packs it.:p
got some yummy chitsaron, too, from Lapid’s. i brought it for a friend who’s arriving from the Middle East on Monday–yon ang bilin nya. LOL

relative mo ba ang nagpadala nyan sis? Yummy foods!

my husband calls it “chichalesterol” = chicharon+cholesterol 😀

that’s looks so crunchy! 🙂

How I wish we have relatives in the province just so we can receive wonderful from different parts of the Philippines. Dried fish is great for siningag, one of my favorite breakfast food.

I am sorry for the super late blog-hopping. If you haven’t visited yet, here is my Food Trip Friday (April 1 issue) entry: Lunch at Chowking

my sis loves chicharon. I’m sure she’ll be inggit to see that 😛

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