Yummy Strawberry Cake

Posted by admin in Food and Recipe on 26-03-2011


Anyone up for dessert? Todays serving: a yummy strawberry shortcake straight from my heart!

I must admit I don’t fancy strawberry that much, but this cake changed my views on strawberry cake. Its so yummilicous!

I am sure you’ll this cake for dessert. Not so sweet, not so sour! Just right in the picking! Are you full now? If yes, then its time for your to visit Food Trip Friday.

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ayay! kalami jud ani te…lami lagi ni sya…ehehhee…agi ko dire…thanks for dropping by my FTF.

this one’s definitely delicious, looks great with those strawberries! yummy! PinayMum – Mommy’s Life Around…wishing you a great weekend!

yay galing! love it…looks yummy!

Thanks for dropping by 🙂

oh-so-yummy cake!!!

wow…that looks amazingly delicious! was just thinking of ordering strawberry cake a while ago. lol. you’ve convinced me! 😉

im drooling.

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