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Its Food Trippers time again! Here in the House of Maria, we will be featuring a restaurant in Surabaya, Indonesia serving the Padang style.

This restaurant is quite familiar and the style of eating and serving is taken from Padang, its a place in Indonesia. At first, I thought that its the same as Korean food that when you sit, you are immediately served with free appetizers. But no, here in padang, they will serve you all their food variety and you will pay depending on what you eat.

So there you go, dont be deceived with the servings infront of you. You might pay an arm and a leg without realizing it. 🙂 Anyway, as I am not so familiar with Indonesia food, so I just ate what the host explained about. Not that I am picky with food, simply that most of their food are spicy so I dont want to have a surprise!

Whether you come as a group, or just alone, your table will be served with all kinds of food. Just pay what you eat, what you touched.

So this is the padang way of eating, not bad right? You dont have to worry on looking at menus that you dont know anyway, here, you look at the food and if you are keen on eating it – then eat it. If not, leave it.

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nice style of dining…but great because you can see everything first! i had indonesian foods before and yes its spicy but the beef rendang is the one i like, spicy but ok with me. PinayMum – Mommy’s Life Around…wishing you a great weekend!

Ang daming choices!

good food is always around. See you again. Mine is up FTF103

Hi sis,

The food served in that resto is very Pinoy….

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Dumaan, nakibasa at natakam

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what an interesting way of ‘ordering’ food!

hi, Tina! thanks for joining Food Friday and for following.
will add your link to the list of players; i also followed you back. 🙂

stay safe and enjoy the weekend!

Ang sarap naman nian!!! Gusto ko din pumunta!

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