Home and Family Safety from Soil Contamination

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We build our homes to ensure that there is a safe haven for our families. We would do everything and even undergo soil and gas sampling and testing to ensure that nothing will harm our family at home. It is the place for us to relax and unwind after a busy day at work. It is also were we bond with our children as they grow. We want nothing but safe and security for our home and family so we go all the way to get tests for harmful chemicals in our surrounding area.

There are common gas leak issues and there may even be a problem with lead in your home so you really must consider regular sampling and testing. These chemicals can harm your family and loved ones slowly without you even knowing it. Some home owners call the experts to conduct soil sampling and testing every five years to ensure that there is no health hazards that can cause illness to their family. Home gardeners are also very particular about the health standards of the soil in their area because it very critical for growing vegetable and fruits for the family’s consumption.

In some cases, soil remediation is needed to restore the health and safety of the soil surrounding our homes. Soil can be poisoned by gas that we spill while we load the lawn mower or simply by those firecrackers we lit up during the 4th of July. Soil can be contaminated with different toxins coming from our house paint and when we have nearby storage facilities where toxins might have spilled. Depending on the results of the sampling and testing, you may need to excavate, wash, aerate or treat the soil in your property. Contaminated soil maybe extracted and separated to avoid affecting other areas and contamination of underground water. Make sure that you regularly check the safety of your surrounding areas to avoid any illness or health hazards from contaminated soil.

Gelatin Art is an Amazing Creation

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In 2007, Cake Connection owner Diane Simmons began developing a complete product line for a new technique creating innovative art made from gelatin. These edible glass-like creations are not only beautiful but are also easy to make. They only need unflavored gelatin, food color, and water!

Gelatin Bows, Flowers and Butterflies

In an instructional video or during a class, see how much fun it is to create these beautiful art forms by preparing the gelatin, brushing it onto texture sheets, and then creating such things as fancy bows adorned with glitzy butterflies or brush petals on special sheets and creating a lily with greenery.

Art Starter Kit

Everything you need to get started in this unique art. Included is a “Gelatin in Bloom” book, five-piece veining sheet set, a single bow texture sheet, a Bug Body mold, one ounce of unflavored gelatin, a three-size set of flat soft sable brushes set Flat sable brushes, and wire.


You can buy a 2.5 ounce jar or a one pound container of the unflavored gelatin that is what is necessary for your gelatin art projects.

Gelatin Veining Sheets

These clear food grade plastic washable sheets are used to create the gelatin flowers, leaves, butterflies and dragonflies. You dissolve the gelatin in water, melt it in the microwave, add food color, and brush on these sheets. Allow to dry and then trim with scissors. Decorate as desired and assemble. Step-by step color photos with the recipe and written instructions are included.

Gelatin Bow Texture Sheets

Buy these six sheets and only pay close to the price of five! Use these sheets to create gelatin bows and also to create chocolate bows, various sugar pastes, and butter cream icing.

Diane Simmons has built up her Cake Connection business tremendously after decorating cakes since 1992 and having several cakes published in various magazines throughout the world. She has traveled the country visiting numerous stores and cake shows where she shares and teaches her creations. She has won several awards at various competitions and has also written two books on her gelatin techniques. She has also added a wide variety of candy, cake and cookie making and decorating supplies as well as packaging needs and over 450 candy molds and more than 300 cookie cutters! Visit her retail store in Jackson, Michigan, or go online, and learn how you, too, can become a gelatin artist!

Natural Stone Patios: The Latest in Home Design

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A well-planned and well-built patio is considered as a wonderful extension of your home. With the help of Columbus patio builders, you can find the right people to help you create a patio that is not only functional, but appealing as well especially if you are planning to use natural stones for your patio.

Using natural stones for your project will entail several considerations such as budget, structuring and proportioning, choosing the kind of stones to use and then installation of your patio. Some uses flagstones and paving stones for their patio and this will require care and proper tools for installation. You have to discuss with your patio builders what you really want to have in your patio to ensure that every detail is taken cared of.

Patio builders can come up with a complete drawing of your desired patio as well as the materials that you will need. It is best to be always involved in the planning stage so that you are also aware of the expenses that your project will incur. Natural stones when properly placed can last for generations.

Natural stone patios are expected to have a smooth and flat surface so choose materials that have similar width. Flagstones are your best choice for your patio flooring because they are are hard and smooth. But a selection of natural shaped stones may also give your patio that cobbled-stone look. Natural stones also vary in color and shade to suit your needs for your patio.

Your patio may need to be excavated by the builder, and stones will be cut according to their placement. Your patio builder should have appropriate equipment to avoid any errors and to complete your project on time. Dealing with natural stones require extra care because positioning of stones must be according to the plan. You can achieve a natural aesthetic appeal by applying a sealing agent on the stones once they are positioned on your patio.

Common Problems Homeowners Experience with their Air Conditioning Systems

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Air conditioning systems play an important role in every home. It ensures that the air your family breathes is kept cool and pure all the time. It also controls indoor temperature so that you and your family will remain comfortable no matter what the weather is outside. Over time, issues tend to develop and many homeowners experiences problems with their air conditioning system. Some of the most common of these issues are the following.

Low Refrigerant Levels

Your air conditioning system is kept cool by the chemical called refrigerant. The temperature of your air conditioning system is affected by changes in the levels of refrigerant. Sometimes, due to leakage caused by defective condensation pan or a blocked drainage, the refrigerant level drops low. In such cases, you should immediately contact your technician for AC repair Phoenix. This kind of problem needs to be resolved soon otherwise mold and mildew can grow in and damage the system.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

Your system’s evaporator coil can freeze up due to several reasons. One of the most common reasons is that you have a dirty air filter. Airflow entering your home is blocked when the air filter is dirty and this can lead to an ineffective system and a buildup of cool air that can freeze the evaporator coil. Low refrigerant levels may also cause this problem and cause the system to consume more energy to run on your desired temperature.

Damaged Outside Fan

The outside fan of your air conditioning system transfer heated air from your home to the outdoors. There are many reasons why outside fan becomes broken or worse stop functioning. It may be because of a bad fan or a bad capacitor but when these are not working, your air conditioning system may over heat. When your outside fan stops working, you have to contact your technician to test whether the capacitor is still functioning. It is not advisable for you to do these tests on your own especially if you lack necessary skills.

Strange Noises

When air conditioning systems are working effectively, it produces calm, even sound that is relaxing and soothing. But when you hear strange noises despite the cool temperature it gives, there must be something wrong with your system. Strange and unexpected noises can be irritating and can disturb your rest. They can be sounds that are rattling or hissing. One of the most common causes of strange noises in the air conditioning system is a loose or worn out fan belt. Rust build up may also produce irritating noises.

Soon as you notice something out of the ordinary with your air conditioning system, you have to check for the possible issues and their causes before you call your technician. This way, you can easily relay the issue with them and discuss possible remedies that you can afford. Knowing these common problems with your system will also help prevent unnecessary charges which some repair company may impose if they know that you don’t have any clue with the issues on your air conditioning system.

Remove and Prevent Dangerous Mold

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Mold is an insidious fungus that can begin growing without notice in certain conditions that are favorable. Moisture and warmth combine to create the fungus friendly environment that allows mold to develop, and it can quickly become a serious health hazard for humans living in a mold infested building. Serious health problems can develop over time as a result of living in a home with mold infestations. Probably the most alarming health issue is the development of a very serious respiratory problem called Aspergillosis; a condition that develops when mold begins growing in the lungs.

Some of the most common types of mold found include Cladosporium, Alternaria, and Penicillium. Stachybotrys Chartarum is not rare, but is not as prevalent. This greenish-black mold grows on high cellulose, low nitrogen surfaces such as paper, gypsum board and fiber board. Any mold growing in the home should be eliminated promptly since a serious health risk could develop. Some people believe that treating mold with bleach or certain other biocides can remove it, but it is not usually possible to completely eliminate mold spores with this method.

When a homeowner suspects a mold problem exists in their home, they should contact a professional for thorough mold testing. The inspection starts when the contractor looks for physical indications of mold in those areas most commonly susceptible to mold. The inspection will involve testing the interior air quality which will reveal the presence of any mold spores. While some mold spores might result from outside sources, the inspection will properly determine the source.

Homeowners are often shocked to discover the presence of mold in a home they assumed was properly ventilated and dry. The fungus can develop without detection in attic spaces and within walls, resulting in unhealthy living conditions in the home as well as exposed wood beginning the process of decay. Older homes are susceptible to the development of mold more often than newer homes, so a pre-purchase home inspection should always include a thorough check to ensure no mold exists within the building.

When mold is detected in the home, it should be thoroughly removed by a qualified mold remediation expert. In addition to properly eliminating the fungus and its sources, a fungicidal coating should be applied to the cleaned surfaces to protect from future problems.

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