Remove and Prevent Dangerous Mold

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Mold is an insidious fungus that can begin growing without notice in certain conditions that are favorable. Moisture and warmth combine to create the fungus friendly environment that allows mold to develop, and it can quickly become a serious health hazard for humans living in a mold infested building. Serious health problems can develop over time as a result of living in a home with mold infestations. Probably the most alarming health issue is the development of a very serious respiratory problem called Aspergillosis; a condition that develops when mold begins growing in the lungs.

Some of the most common types of mold found include Cladosporium, Alternaria, and Penicillium. Stachybotrys Chartarum is not rare, but is not as prevalent. This greenish-black mold grows on high cellulose, low nitrogen surfaces such as paper, gypsum board and fiber board. Any mold growing in the home should be eliminated promptly since a serious health risk could develop. Some people believe that treating mold with bleach or certain other biocides can remove it, but it is not usually possible to completely eliminate mold spores with this method.

When a homeowner suspects a mold problem exists in their home, they should contact a professional for thorough mold testing. The inspection starts when the contractor looks for physical indications of mold in those areas most commonly susceptible to mold. The inspection will involve testing the interior air quality which will reveal the presence of any mold spores. While some mold spores might result from outside sources, the inspection will properly determine the source.

Homeowners are often shocked to discover the presence of mold in a home they assumed was properly ventilated and dry. The fungus can develop without detection in attic spaces and within walls, resulting in unhealthy living conditions in the home as well as exposed wood beginning the process of decay. Older homes are susceptible to the development of mold more often than newer homes, so a pre-purchase home inspection should always include a thorough check to ensure no mold exists within the building.

When mold is detected in the home, it should be thoroughly removed by a qualified mold remediation expert. In addition to properly eliminating the fungus and its sources, a fungicidal coating should be applied to the cleaned surfaces to protect from future problems.

Getting a Contractor License

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Building is a very lucrative business that many can enter with little investment involved initially. Some find they can borrow tools from others already in the field by working with them, and save up to buy their own. Many homeowners, who either want to stay in their home but need more space for their growing family or want to sell, hire individuals to perform the work instead of going to a larger company to save costs.

These homeowners are typical Americans, and are savvy at educating themselves. While they may not know exactly what goes into building an addition to their home, they do know that to legally build, a contractor must fulfill different educational requirements and be licensed in their area. They’ve learned through reading online and also through different advertisements on TV to ask to see a contractor’s license before hiring them to do any work.

Contractor license requirements vary from one state to the next, so before starting to work on your own, besides having your own tools, you need to have your own license. When you work on your own, you won’t be able to work under someone else’s license any longer. You’ll need to obtain your own.

Obtaining your own license is rather easy and you can do this while you are working under someone else’s license on their crew. After receiving your license, you’re certified for two years to perform the work listed on the certificate. When you need re-certification to maintain your license, it’s often easier to do the second time because many states simply require a refresher course be taken. Costs for re-certification are also less, too.

There are many places where you can study to gain your certification and become licensed as a contractor. Builders License Training Institute has courses that are available as text or video. You can listen, and then take the test as man times as you need to to pass the course. Failure is not an option at and you’ll soon be licensed. Then you’ll be on your way to having your own crew and making your own money.

Feel and Look Better with Steam

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Regular use of a steam sauna has many benefits. It can improve the over-all health of the body while rejuvenating the skin. Best of all, the experience can be a much needed break from the stress of the day.

Relief from the Common Cold

A 15 minute steam session in a sauna can loosen the mucus associated with a cold so that one can breathe easier. As the mucus membranes thin and open, much of the sinus pressure is relieved. The steam also relieves chest congestion and sooths coughs. Saunas also benefit those with bronchitis or asthma in much the same way.

Eases Aches and Pains

As little as five minutes of steam can increase the flow of blood. This is needed to alleviate stiff joints and sore muscles. The heat from the steam soothes nerve endings as it relieves those achy muscles. For this reason, saunas are especially helpful for those suffering from illnesses like migraines, headache, and arthritis.

Better Skin

Dry winter skin will benefit from a steam bath before applying a moisturizer. The warmth combined with the moisture in the steam will open pores so that lotions can absorb more effectively. The steam also increases lymphatic and blood circulation while softening the skin. The result is a healthy glow that makes one look younger and rejuvenated.

Relieves Stress and Insomnia

The heat and moisture from a sauna is an excellent way to calm the body and relieve stress. In addition, the steam can induce sleep which eases insomnia. This works because the heat causes the body to release endorphins. Endorphins are a chemical that causes one to feel good while reducing the effects stress has on a body. After a steam session the body’s melatonin increases as the body cools down. This induces a deeper sleep as well.

Weight Loss

The increased metabolism brought on by the effects of a sauna aid in weight loss. As the body sweats it loses water. Since water makes up a large portion of the body’s weight, sweating helps one drop a few extra pounds. The sweat also removes toxins as it cleanses the body.

One can enjoy the health and beauty benefits of steam by installing a sauna. Steam sauna accessories and equipment can be found from local retailers or online merchants such as

Establishing An Ice Cream Business

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Food trucks have become popular over recent years. You don’t need a storefront, and you can take your business to another area of the town if it’s not doing well where you are currently set up in the truck. A fun idea is becoming an ice cream vendor and setting up an ice cream cart. You can do this with only minimal items, and you can put a smile on the faces of your customers as most people enjoy ice cream. One of the best times of the year is in the summer, so you will likely be able to make a good profit as long as you have a variety of ice cream to sell and you are willing to travel to outlying areas to sell the product.

One of the advantages of an ice cream business is that the profit margins can be very high through the summer and even maintained through the rest of the year as there are likely people who will still eat ice cream even when it’s cold. You won’t have a lot of waste to throw away. The product is in it’s own container if you sell ice cream that comes in a wrapper. If you sell ice cream that you have to scoop and put in a bowl, then you might have to throw away a few napkins or large ice cream containers. You will have to pay for the gas for the vehicle to get from one location to another. If you have a mobile cart, then you won’t have to worry with gas as you would walk along the sidewalks to sell your product.

There isn’t a lot of skill involved in starting an ice cream business. The only thing that you need to do is purchase the ice cream that you want to sell. You also need to know how to price the ice cream so that it’s not too expensive for customers but so that you do make money. If you play music from your cart, then people will come to you looking for the sweet treat. The only thing you need to do is set up in a busy location of the city.

Storage Ideas for Apartment Renters

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One of the downsides of renting out is that you cannot easily upgrade or renovate your living space to suit your needs. Having ample storage space is essential in any home so here are few tips to help you manage your growing pile of stuff while you live in a limited space. Utilize vertical spaces and find ways to store items above head and below. Use the space under your bed for storing linens in durable boxes. You may also opt for customized furniture that has multi-functionality. Use hooks and hangers for your belts and other knick knacks. For renters, adhesive hooks are a wonderful alternative especially if your contract states that you shouldn’t be drilling holes in your wall.

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