How to Successfully Tailgate With the Entire Family

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When your favorite sports team comes to town, it’s time to head out to the stadium and cheer them on. Part of being at the game is the tailgating that occurs before it. The entire family can enjoy some time out of the house as everyone gets excited about the upcoming competition. Get ready for a spectacular season by following a few guidelines about tailgating success.

Haul the Big Items

A grand tailgating time can’t rely on a small cooler and a fast-food bag of items. Be ready to bring the large cooler and a barbecue in most cases. You’ll probably be tailgating for several hours before the game so fill up the car with as many food and drinks as you can. Ideally, use a truck or SUV as your transportation on game day.

Grab the Outdoor Games

There’s no room for television viewing in the stadium parking lot. Entertain your family with active games, including regulation cornhole boards. These physical games get everyone involved in the fun while sparking conversation. You may even start a friendly competition with an adjacent family during the festivities. Fun and socializing are the goals of the day as your family takes time out of a busy schedule.

Shake Out the Umbrella

Regardless of the temperature outside, being under the bright sun for a long time period is tiring. Bring a large umbrella or foldable tent in order to cover most of your tailgating area. The shade alone is enough to keep you relaxed until game time. Bring foldable seats too, and you’ll have most of the comforts of home.

Keep the Menu Simple

Because you need to haul your food items out to the stadium, don’t cook anything that’s complicated. Hot dogs, hamburgers and chips are perfect choices for your grill. The condiments can also be simple, such as lettuce, tomato and ketchup. Fill the cooler with a mixture of different drinks that will please everyone. Water, soda and juices are a good combination so that everyone is hydrated.

Be courteous to others as you enjoy the party atmosphere in the parking lot. Park your vehicle between the lines, and only spread out as much as necessary. Everyone should have a chance to enjoy a relaxing time before the big game. In the end, the family might meet others who’ll become your best friends throughout the season.

How to Decorate your Yard

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Stepping stones are common walkway features in many gardens and lawns. You can create stepping-stones in a wide range of patterns and shapes to customize your garden or lawn pathway. Whether it is a single stepping-stone or a whole pathway, you can make a collection of coordinating or matched stepping-stones to exceptionally decorate your yard.

Making a monogrammed stepping stone is one of the easiest ways to commemorate your family. You can choose to paint a monogram of family members or carve them into a concrete stepping-stone if you are creating your own quick setting concrete. However, you may have to repaint the monogrammed stones every spring when you begin working on your garden because the paint usually wears off after a certain period of exposure to the elements.

An effortless and stunning stepping stone can be made using simple tile mosaic. You can achieve this by simply pressing down china or broken tile pieces into the soft concrete stepping-stone before it dries up. You can either use pieces from cracked set of heirloom or buy old tile or china at a budget store. This is one of the best ways to put glass and tile that you do not need into use.

Place inspirational quotes or words on the stepping-stones in your garden or lawn. Applying a little bit of creativity, carve words into each stepping stone .If long quotes are included, carve a word or two into every stone and arrange them in order so that the quotes can be seen and read as you walk along the stone pathway. Add some fun by carving dates of important events like birth of a child and anniversaries into each stepping-stone. You can find creative ideas from concrete contractors Dallas TX.

Alternate Materials
Cement or concrete are the most common materials used for making customized stepping stones. However, you can also make your homemade stepping-stones using any large or flat object. Look for flagstone pieces and use them to make a free form flagstone pathway. Make squares or other designs by entrenching bricks into the ground. You can also use old railroads and other damaged material to make your customized walkway.

Concrete patio pavers have different uses in home improvement. The best way to cut concrete patio pavers depends on the type of project you have and personal preferences. Concrete stepping-stones can easily enhance the look of your backyard.

How To Make Cleaning Fun For Your Kids

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When parents need to clean the house and they are pressed for time, they will often ask their children for much needed assistance. However, children are not usually up for cleaning and have to be cajoled into it more times than not. Still, there are some ways in which you can make the cleaning process fun for your kids. Read on to learn more!

  1. Setting a Timer

Kids tend to move faster if you’re willing to make a game out of the proceedings. By setting a timer and establishing stakes, a parent can provide their child with the incentive to move more rapidly and clean the house with increased vigor. It could be something as simple as putting all of their toys away before the next commercial break is over or something more complex, such as putting all of their clothes in the hamper and bringing them to the washing machine within five minutes.

  1. Listen To Music

Music helps all of us when we need to shake out the sillies and get down to business. While you may not particularly enjoy the musical selections that your children are bound to put on, letting them make a mix CD or playlist that is specially designed for cleaning time will put a bounce in their step and make the process go quickly. If you feel like you will need some new songs for that purpose, check out music CDs offered in Kohl’s – you will be able to get them on a budget thanks to coupons, so they have a chance to be the perfect affordable cleaning accompaniment.

  1. Make It Into a Competition

Savvy parents know how to pit their children against one another in a friendly competition for a good cause, especially when it comes to cleaning. Let’s say you have two children who do not like to pick up after themselves. A great way to turn cleaning into a fun event is to give each child a bucket for picking up their toys and games. Offer a small prize to the child who is able to fill up their bucket the fastest and watch the floor become clean within moments.

  1. Find Out What They Are Good At

Little ones tend to be more apt to clean when they are given a task that suits their particular skill set. If you have a child who has shown an aptitude for vacuuming, make this their regular chore. The same goes for a child who has proven themselves to be skilled at rinsing off plates and silverware, as well as loading up the dishwasher.

  1. Hiding Small Treats

If you tell your children that there is a certain amount of money or candy hidden throughout the house in places that need to be cleaned, you’ll be shocked at how fast they get down to business. As a matter of fact, they may even decide to do some extra cleaning if they are unable to find the treats as rapidly as they would like!


Three Simple Strategies That Will Optimize Your Company

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Business owners are generally interested in making their companies more competitive, becoming industry leaders, attaining greater conversion rates, and expanding their client base. If you’re interested in realizing any of these brand-building objectives, you need to start implementing strategies that will facilitate the outcome you desire. Here are just three optimization techniques that will get you on the road to success:

1. Shop Online For Company Products.

One great way to optimize your company is by shopping online for the products you need. This technique will preclude you from experiencing the frustrations that result from standing in long lines, dealing with pushy retailers, and grappling with the attitudes of other disgruntled shoppers. In the event that your company makes use of plastic plano prisms, you can obtain them from organizations like Syntec Optics.

2. Update Your Marketing Platform.

In addition to shopping online for company products, get in the habit of regularly updating your marketing platform. As technological advancements surface and consumer behavior changes, you’ll need to be able to continue connecting with your audience in an exciting, engaging manner that gets people interested in your brand. One great way to realize this goal is by incorporating cutting edge, customized public relations services into your existing platform. There are numerous PR services you can implement to facilitate this outcome, including:

• press releases
• crisis communications
• launch strategies
• brand development
• social media strategies

3. Make Goal-Setting A Must.

One of the most overlooked yet highly effective business-building strategies available to company leaders is setting goals. As demonstrated through numerous research studies, people who write their goals down are much more effective in realizing their objectives. As such, be sure that you get in the habit of doing so right now. Also be sure to place the written goals in a conspicuous place so you are constantly reminded of what you’re attempting to do. Finally, be sure that every goal you set is SMART. This acronym stands for 1. Specific 2. Measurable 3. Attainable 4. Reasonable and 5. Time-specific. An example would be “We will extend our hours of operation during the summer season to increase our conversion rates by 17%.”

Don’t Delay: Start Optimizing Your Company Today!

Individuals who want their companies to reach new levels of success need to access methodologies that will generate the desired outcome. Three strategies that can be utilized to facilitate optimal levels of success include shopping online for company products, updating the marketing platform, and making goal-setting an integral component of the business’s operations.

Home Maintenance Items That Need Immediate Attention

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The shutters that hang loosely off the back window of your home have never seemed like a priority to you or your spouse. You will fix them when you get the time, or you may never fix them at all. But there are some home maintenance items that require immediate attention and cannot wait for your schedule. In these types of instances, you need to make time to be sure that your home is safe and comfortable for your family.

Storm Repairs

It is difficult for you to look at your home and determine how much damage was done by a passing storm. When the storm is gone, you need to contact your insurance company and have an adjuster come out and assess the damage. You may have holes in your roof you cannot see or loose siding that is not very obvious. These things need to be repaired immediately to prevent water, pests and other unwanted elements from getting into your home.


That window pane with the crack in it is affecting your home’s ability to be energy efficient and safe. A criminal can use that cracked pane as an easy entrance in the middle of the night, and the cold winter air will also find its way into your home through that crack. When you see a crack in a window pane, then you need to get it repaired immediately. If the cracked pane is on an insulated window, then the whole window may need to be replaced.

Bug Infestations

Homeowners need to be very observant when it comes to pests, especially during the summer months. If you notice bees hanging around the eaves on your roof, then look closer to see if bees are entering and leaving your home through the eaves. Once a year, you should have a professional exterminator come to your home to check for pests and use the prevention methods necessary to keep pests out of your home.

There are plenty of little projects around the house that get put to the side for various reasons. But there are certain types of home maintenance issues that should never be ignored, and they should be addressed immediately. The safety of your home and the health of your family can depend on how quickly you react to the more important repair projects facing your property.

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