4 Tips for Smarter Christmas Light Storage

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Hanging Christmas lights can easily become one of the most dreaded tasks of the entire year — especially when you have to grapple with a disorganized heap of impossibly tangled cords. With a little planning, you can avoid that problem and make decorating fun again. Start by following these four tips for smarter Christmas light storage.

Repurpose Household Objects

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Some lights, such as the rope lights from Christmas Lights Etc, come on a spool that makes storage simple. You can also purchase a reel or power cord holder — or, as a cheaper alternative, repurpose some common household items to do the same job. For instance, wrap the lights around an empty coffee can, a hanger, a Pringles can, or rectangular pieces of heavy cardboard to keep lights tangle-free. Detailed instructions for each can be found online.
Recycle tissue paper or newspaper as padding for lights and other delicate items. Tuck it between layers of strands to keep them from tangling with one another, too. No matter what you wrap your lights around, you may want to use a layer of paper around the outside to keep them contained and to provide extra protection.

Use Zip-top Bags or Zip Ties

Plastic zip-top bags and zip ties are more obvious solutions. Wrap the lights around your arm, from your palm to your elbow and back again, to form a tight circle. Then use three zip ties to keep the loop in place. With no loose ends, it won’t get tangled up. Alternatively, you can store each strand of lights in its own zip-top bag. Just be sure to plug the female end of each strand into the male end to prevent knots.
Sort by Use, Not Type

The most common method of organizing Christmas decorations is to group like items together: ornaments in one box, garlands in another, and so on. However, a more practical method is to sort decorations according to where you use them instead of by type. This will make unpacking and decorating a much less stressful and more streamlined process.

At the very least, try to get all of your favorites or essentials into one “open first” box. After all, there may be years when you lack the time or energy to deck out the entire house, or you may need some decorations sooner than others. Keep the most important things together so you don’t have to pull out every box just to retrieve a few items.

Make Duct Tape Labels

As you take down your Christmas lights, use duct tape to label each strand. Make note of whatever information you think might be useful, such as the length or where you used it. Imagine how much easier it will be to put up the lights next year, when you can check the tags and see where to hang each strand instead of starting from scratch.

While these sorting and storing methods may require a little more time on the front end, it will be time well-spent. Your future self will be thankful when it comes time to unpack the lights for another holiday season.

Fall in Love With Shih Tzu Dogs

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Shih Tzu dogs are very popular choice for pets around the world. This dog breed is very affectionate and loves being around people. They can play quietly with their owners around but they can also call for your attention and for you to play with them. You can expect them to be calm with sweet temperament and they go along with everybody be it people or other pets naturally. However, when left alone for some time, Shih Tzu can become cranky and act in a hostile way. It is also not advisable to take on these dogs if you have small children which can be harmed when both are left alone.

Taking care of Shih Tzu can be tenacious because they need to be groomed regularly to avoid matting of their coat. They need to have frequent baths but they should not be exposed to humid environment because they easily get sick. Shih Tzu are a bit difficult to train because they are very stubborn – with enough positive reinforcement and patience, they can learn slowly even at home. They look really lovable and sweet thus they have a tendency to be spoiled. They don’t need large spaces to move around and simply enjoy playing indoors or outdoors making them a preferred pet for urban apartments and city dwellers.

Relying on Professionals for Specialized Repair or Upgrade Work

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You may be able to carry out a fair number of projects in the remodeling of your home. However, when it comes to rewiring electrical outlets, putting in new light fixtures, or handling anything that pertains to your home’s electricity, you may find it wiser to allow a professional contractor to handle these tasks for you. When you wonder why you should trust this work to a professional like a handyman or an electrical contractor Pittsburgh homeowners like you are cautioned to remember that you may be required to do so by state law and also your homeowners’ insurance company. You can get a quote and more details about this work and contracting company online.

Discovering the Products and Services

You may be unaware of what products and services electrical contractors can offer to homeowners like you. These professionals do more than rewire electrical outlets or hang up lighting fixtures. They can offer a wide range of services that prevent fires, keep your light bills low, and make your home more comfortable in which to live.

You can fill out the online form if you have specific questions about the products and services available through the company. The form asks that you provide your contact details so that someone from the company can call or email you. You can also use the form to get information about pricing and whether or not the services could be covered by insurance, particularly if the work must be done because of a power surge or some other circumstance.

Emergency Services

When circumstances occur that you cannot help or prevent, it is important that you are able to reach after-hours contractors who can help minimize the damage and even allow you to stay in your home. You can find the after-hours number for the service listed on the website.

The company also offers services in HVAC and plumbing that could help you avoid water-related disasters in your home or spending a night without heating or air conditioning. You can use the website to learn more about the services and what benefits they can have for you and your family.

Specialized workers like electricians are trained to rewire and remodel your home’s electrical wiring and outlets. They can install lighting fixtures and also help during after-hours disasters. You can go online today to get free quotes and information.

Simple Signs You Need New Gutters

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As important as your roof is, your gutter system is nearly as important. While the roof prevents water from getting inside your home, the gutters do the same thing. Damaged gutters may cause water to build up along the roof line or the corners of you walls, which will eventually form leaks. Those gutters can also damage the foundation of your home and your lawn too. Working with a roofer is a great way to replace those gutters and restore the damage your old system caused, but you’ll likely need to see some warning signs before making that call.

Peeling Paint

The first sign that you need new gutters is when you see paint peeling away from the top edges of your home or paint peeling away from the trim on your home. Peeling paint higher on the wall may be a sign that you have clogs in the gutter. Those clogs keep the water from moving smoothly into the downspouts. As the water spills out over the top, it pulls the paint off the wall. Peeling paint on your trim or lower on your walls may indicate that the gutters have a few leaks.

Foundation Mold or Mildew

When your gutter system works properly, any water flowing through the gutters will move towards the downspouts. The downspouts will then carry that water away from your house. If you think that you need new gutters, do a thorough examination of your foundation. Dark green spots on the foundation may be a type of mildew. You may notice darker spots that indicate mold. Both mold and mildew can develop as water pours out from the gutters and downspouts and builds up on the foundation instead of draining away and into the yard.

Cracks and Other Damage

Any type of damage to your gutters is a clear sign that you need a new system. Metal gutters often have some type of clear sealant that protects against water damage, but the rushing water moving across that metal can gently wear off the sealant and leave behind patches of rust. That rust can cause cracks to form or eventually give way and leave behind large holes. Click here to learn more about replacing the gutters on your home. Professional contractors and roofers can remove those old gutters and install a new system of both gutters and downspouts on your house.

Too Many Headaches? Tips to Kiss Them Goodbye

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Headaches aren’t very much for anybody, but they’re generally a fact of life. They’re caused by all sorts of things as well, from stress to simply not getting enough sleep at night. If you have regular headaches though, you might be starting to get worried about your health.

The truth is that not all headaches are something serious, and you shouldn’t panic about your overall health. Getting regular headaches, particularly migraines that won’t go away or are debilitating in nature though, can be extremely challenging.

Use this guide to help you figure out what’s going on and why you’re experiencing so many headaches.

Find Some Quiet

Quiet time is exceedingly difficult to come by in a world of smart phones and blue screens that dominate your life. The problem is, all of those electronics can really make it so that you simply can’t think straight. If you suffer from headaches, you could be making those worse as well.

When you feel a headache coming on, go to a quiet place. An area where you can also control the temperature will help, as cool air tends to help individuals about to experience a severe headache.

Relax More

Relaxation is often hard to come by in today’s world. From jobs that are going much longer than eight hours, to family members with the best intentions, getting in some relaxation can be hard. If you’re experiencing regular headaches though, it is something you need to focus on.

Whatever makes you feel more relaxed, make sure you block that into your schedule each day. Meditation and yoga are often recommended, but if you prefer full-court basketball or weight lifting, go ahead and do that instead!

Activities like reading and listening to soothing music can also be very helpful when it comes to relaxing after a hard day.

Seek Medical Attention

A headache can just be stress related, and many people get them every month or even every few weeks. When you’re having to deal with headache pain daily or even a few times per week though, you need to consider that something else could be going wrong.

There’s no reason to jump to scary conclusions, but you should visit a neurologist Cypress TX residents trust. They’ll be able to tell you what’s going on and help you find a cure for nagging headaches.

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